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Sierra Resource was founded in 1982 to service the computer engineering market. To provide full service to our clients Sierra Resource incorporated both hardware and software support. We still provide full on-site service, our in-depth preventative maintenance keeps our clients computers running at peak performance. If you have noticed that your computer is no longer performing with the speed and reliability it once did, For immediate answers to your questions click the LIVE help icon at the top of the page to chat LIVE with one of our operators or give us a call or email us and we can schedule an on-site visit to return your computer to its optimum performance levels. If your needs include new hardware or software we can integrate the software and hardware to build the system that meets your specific needs. Hardware, software, installation, service; Sierra Resource is truly your complete resource for your computer needs.

Starting in 1990 Sierra Resource launched its web design department realizing that the Internet was rapidly becoming the world’s number one method to educate, entertain, inform, communicate, market, and conduct business. The inclusion of your web site address with your traditional advertisements or mailers, makes a formidable marketing tool. For immediate answers to your questions click the LIVE help icon at the top of the page to chat LIVE with one of our operators or call us today 775-885-8106 or use our Contact Us page to get answers to your specific questions or request your FREE Quote.

This phenomena excludes no one. For businesses, it is becoming more and more imperative to have an Internet presence. The centerpiece of an Internet presence is the web site. A web site is simply a compilation of documents that can be seen at a specific Internet address. Typically these documents are "linked" together and can be viewed by navigating through a "menu bar". Some sites are very elaborate and include appealing visuals. However, whether simple or elaborate, the site should serve one or more of several purposes. For most businesses, these purposes are typically to market services, educate and inform. However, web sites can provide even more. Depending on the flexibility of your site and your intended purposes for having the site, there are an incredible number of uses for a web site. There is no other forum available that allows as much marketing flexibility as being online. Typically, there are size or time restraints on traditional marketing methods. For instance, you may be limited to a tri-fold flyer about your company, yellow pages ad, or a thirty second radio commercial, etc. With a web site, you can tell everything you want to tell about your company or practice and your services.

Many people fall victim to the mistaken impression that while the Internet may be a good tool for some businesses, their own clientele and customers do not use the Internet, and therefore it would not be a worthwhile way to market or communicate. However, that line of reasoning flies in the face of recent statistical information. According to Nielsen Net Ratings; over 70% of U.S. households now have Internet access. Statistics show that number is steadily growing each year. More interesting is that home internet access for blue collar workers is growing faster than any other occupational group - surging 52% since March of 2000. Homemakers were the second fastest growing group - jumping 49% in the past year. The Internet may at first have been like an elitist country club, but now it is the shopping mall for products, services and information that nearly every socioeconomic group is aggressively adopting. Moreover, the younger generations are clearly announcing that the Internet is, and will be, the primary way they intend to conduct their business in the future. Those are the clients and customers of tomorrow. As such, it is a worthwhile venue in which to market. If marketing is not a major interest for your business, there are still many other reasons to create and maintain a web site including the ability to educate and inform the public, communicate with current and potential clients, customers, patients, or use it as a business resource or as an intranet for your business.If your business does not have an online presence, you may not only be doing yourself a disservice but your clients and customers as well.

For immediate answers to your questions click the LIVE help icon at the top of the page to chat LIVE with one of our operators or give Sierra Resource a call 775-885-8106, or email us today and we can schedule a visit to discuss what your Internet site can do for you, and build your Internet presence. You are also welcome to visit our Contact Us page and submit a question or request. We look forward to being of service and will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.





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